RAMP Closes Learning Gaps, Builds Fluency,

And Doesn’t Replace What You’re Already Doing


RAMP (Raising Achievement by Measuring Performance) is a software program created at Brigham Young University by Dr. Richard Young and Lynnette Christensen. It was designed to accelerate student learning for all students. especially those in special education or with other learning challenges. RAMP features:


  • Educational accountability through brief daily assessments of student performance.


  • Daily assessments guide teachers to modify instruction on a weekly basis.


  • Frequent evaluation is essential to the early identification of struggling students. Pinpointing specific problems assists teachers in selecting interventions to accelerate student learning.


  • Real-time data and intervention recommendations are provided to make timely instructional decisions that accelerate learning which closes achievement gaps between expected and actual achievement.


RAMP is a supplemental learning system that typically requires only 10 to 20 minutes per day. It doesn’t replace anything you’re doing. It’s complimentary.


The system works because it is based on years of research on the science of learning; and teacher application of those concepts and practices in classrooms. It was designed with ongoing input from teachers and students.